A note from Farmer Matt:

Great food and community mark the days at our farm. Growing up on the farm was a special treat, full of hard work, sweat, innovation, determination and love of family, friends and a simpler (and busy) way of life. Connecting with the earth and the magic of caring for crops as they grow is something we have come to eagerly anticipate each season. I joined Ruth again after 25 years apart to work the farm together. Each of us are ol' farmers at heart, having tried to leave only to come back to the way of life that connects. Together, all of us at the Orchard have a vision of health, great food, and connecting to community. 

From all of us at the Orchard! We look forward to connecting with your community.​

Meanwhile, John's daughter Elaine had married Jack Linton and they enjoyed six children. By 1970, John, Elaine, and the Linton grandchildren were working the remaining five acres of the Delaware homestead. Now in 2020, Elaine, her daughter Ruth, and son Matthew, plant, harvest and sell their produce, including some fruit from trees planted by John Webster forty years ago. 

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Some History

Growing since 1832! 

Clark Webster purchased the land in 1832, and the initial deed is written on deerskin. At that time it was mostly rocky pasture. In 1835, Clark's son, Isaac, began clearing the ground of the multitude of rocks, and thus began the Webster farming of this land. 

Our Grandfather John Webster gave the farm the name Highland Orchards, officially when he was registering his Guernsey milking herd in 1940. But, by then he had been farming successfully for 26 years and everyone informally knew it as "Webster's." In 1941 John purchased the Pennsylvania farm outside of West Chester, which he also named Highland Orchards. 

As the father of five daughters, John Webster used to say, "All my boys are girls!" So, when his daughter Elizabeth married Robert Hodge, they became managers and then owners of the Pennsylvania farm. They and their six children expanded the plantings, buildings, and property to the prosperous, efficient business of today. Elizabeth and Bob have now turned over the farm to their children. 

1431 Foulk Rd, Wilmington, DE 19803    302-478-4042      highlandcsa@gmail.com