You've never lived until you've tried a local, in-season peach"

~ Kristy

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Growing Practices

We use crop rotation, our compost (due to all the paperwork involved, we cannot sell our compost or use yours), our own aged manure (chicken, duck, rabbit, horse, goat), fish emulsion, seaweed, beneficial insects and beneficial nematodes, plant and mineral based sprays and powders for insecticides and fungicides. We use plastic, straw, wood chips, and leaf mulch, and hoeing to suppress weeds; we're trying our hand at using torches for weed control too. We consider air flow in planting distance and pruning. We maintain bee hives to help with pollination (with the side benefit of honey!). We plant with seeds we have saved or from businesses like Johnny's Seeds. We start our own herbs and vegetables in one of our greenhouses. We start our own flowers for the cutting garden.

We do not use sewage sludge, organophosphates, synthetic chemicals, or GMOs. 

Our chickens have a large enclosure where they have 24/7 access to the outside, the inside, the laying boxes (old apple crates filled with straw), the roosts, food, and water. As our planting schedule permits, they are also let out loose to roam the property. We do not EVER force a molt or cull chickens from our flock because they are less productive. Once a chicken enters our flock, they are there till they die of old age. Our chickens do not receive antibiotics or hormones or anything else the egg-laying industry has thought up. The girls love their 2-3 times daily fruits and veggies, along with all the bugs and dirt they scratch up on their own. We currently have brown & blue egg-layers.